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i play ball. i enjoyed the us versions available this is your marketplace today research makes the network. you and new guru it is six one. what she knew
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was with the adults them chevron the killer on. a final push to reach agreement on all the time its legacy issues politicians remain upbeat ahead of them i suppose all from your aftermath richards pass. i'm really posting your progress northwest with the help of a republican before christmas were going and do something very important for the love affair i come on very important issue. i've known people from ireland so just please stop by. they are the successor to the tourism drive took in over a quarter of an extra bit that it's only human and humans thank everyone who's taking us the christmas rush begins rope stretched and warned of high winds would take hours we're really asking people to be extremely vigilant this business over the next couple of days with the bad weather halted every trick to
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high sided vehicles even for three days. welcome to six one goal but not of political leaders are due to meet in belfast later this evening for the effort to resolve some of the old unfinished business from the peace process. the talks chaired by you if not for two paths are trying to reach agreement on number of contentious issues including fags parades and how to deal with milan and violent past. dr house is pushing for a pre christmas tale as the present day four draft agreement to the parties for their consideration. the night closes in over the storm and took halle. in that financed out of round table talks planned for by richard house came and went to his dedication to fight man
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the smock out their turf and chilled signs of last minute nerves. mainly upon a singular focus. north estimates that over the rest of the day before christmas was going in to try do something very important for the love affair i come on very important issues. this is the culmination of three months of preparations by the u s diplomat and his colleague meghan o'sullivan they're trying to address the issues. flax parades and how to deal with the past. he has put in context what's at stake to supply party political process. no one party. you don't walk away with everything. it was in no one gets his or her wish list the negotiation of. the last week visit my auntie katie and david cameron to her irish and british citizens get their minds in the force would walk was evidence of two governments keen to bring their relationship to a new stable place. the next twelve
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hours bushel of northern ireland's politicians want to be part of that dynamic. can they produce. what might become known as the christmas eve to green. the crossover to tell me go on an atomic in your own question. she lived at christmas. pierre in the offing well they're certainly not going to make a deal before midnight tonight sharon. betsy was happens today. he was due to begin those round table negotiations at eleven am that was about four pm there's still no sign of an era started to tell the reason for the state's make this often in which a house set the date of aug afford the cost of proposals aimed at cracking these three issues. time is very tight he hopes to board a plane tomorrow to get back to see his family for christmas day there's a storm warning coming in to have difficulty getting a flight out of here tomorrow. well i think given
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the level of engagement between the parties. given that they're all still looking to cut today. i think the odds on them coming to an agreement of sorts. eighty in the early hours. maybe i've made it tomorrow. i think that stood on the cards. so in this case we get me to be an optimist but remain optimistic. today tommy thank you. the minister of transport tourism and sport has said that the animal christian tourism this year as a result of the cabin. it comes as figures from the census is it's often show any growth of seven percent in the number of overseas visitors so far this year. it started with a bang on new year's day the twenty one gun salute and spike island since then hasn't been writing for family community and charity events to mark the gathering. some even came by boat. he's going to fail malaria. in total gathering i didn't say between two hundred and fifty pounds two hundred and seventy five ties
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and overseas visitors travel to specifically for all the cars the gathering really successful says the minister for tourism. the cost of thirty million spread over two years. but a generation hundred and seventy million in addition revenue received an increase so far we've seen record numbers coming in from import markets like the united states canada germany france australia new zealand cso pickers and today show the total number of trips to ireland increased by seven percent of the year to november when compared to the same period last year the pic isn't it. tourists and those on business they're also likely to be the number of emigrants returning home to visit character named jana visitor numbers are up three percent i've known people from ireland so was just a great place to stop by. i'm a heavy heart i think that the brain is all know about. none of the killing and dying out and i are talking about and read the bench. wednesday. this
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gives without it. actually yes. tommy t know anybody that went to look at every event sorry. now i just that i might add that to the cutting. you react forced into the gathering today recommends consideration should be given to most of the serious and focus on the legacies of this year instead. it's as if it is states more frequently. it should be done more than every five years. star is continuing to come to attractions such as here at dublin castle. the minister for tourism asset that is a risk that the catherine initiative could mean a drop in wickets for twenty fourteen for he says. so far indications are very positive for next year. he is doubling the hotel for christmas when sharon has warned that should be a weapon. conditions will cause problems for tonight and tomorrow. moshe chomping rights to exercise caution in its height limits and stormy conditions. it's the busiest time of the year for
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traveling with toys and taking to the roads the scene in disguise the weather is making things difficult for many. met aaron has issued an orange wind warning meaning goldstein conditions are across the country tonight and tomorrow. we've starting side this evening and size kosovo taunton particularly shares her. so people aren't sick great coach and traveling for instance story tomorrow morning but the star of persons will grind to a base during christmas eve and the rest but from the linens on christmas day and stay in the state the fact that wins but the cardstock. already the yes the aircon have been busy attempting to restore power and telephone lines taken the bill was in rural areas. one of the things that we are experiencing is a huge amount of damage from lightning. and even though the song was a certain amount of lightning. it's an exceptional amount of dissent in the air and pearls but creates a lot of individual
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falls on individualized boss as well as the windfalls of heel sleet and snow were forecast for parts of the country which could make for treacherous driving conditions were called in the black lights and under and an egg and joy be so all these conditions and to be good to be mindful of mine for the stopping distance is mindful of losing it all loaded into going up that fast. on an icy road to take thirty seconds the votes it to be very very cautious lot of people tend to get that safety feature. and right on regardless. the cell damage in people not become a statistic. several ferry crossings have been hit by the weather. those intending on traveling tomorrow are asked to check operators websites. cole called an orgy use policy christmas trouble rush continues so does the scenes the emotional reunions. other airports across the country we've been hearing from both waited for the falls. the new arrivals hall with china and also in court from a raw reporter jeremy hardy and joins us now to enter the scene said today
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that we've become used to seeing this at this time of the year. yes ryan as the chilling as it is a bit of an adult book fair a lot of flights to you in athens and support tonight to allow more people would be a right but it's been an incredible day of emotion around here lots of tears tears and young people old people. i was just here for airports but also at other airports. and anxious weeks old part and parcel of airport site today. i'm going to meet my son brandon easy to use up party and big and her niece years and he's now it's up to him. at the one we had some of the students this is obviously a big blow when three it is then baked anything. such excuse. you miss him about it. tell us what the lonely hearts on the phone can the march in west cork. it was also eager anticipation. are we waiting for my phone or when. and
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then to his wife nadia locally in from singapore that's a bit of corn for christmas and went back again he fell with eating and walking in singapore the spiny and aunt lisa was in third. it is or isn't even christmas. as in zero one year and is on the same time said the team in indonesia now there was the same. so dad is doing this today the dispute those skinny as a fairy doll away from core chip was weston's means everything like to see the back for a week even love to see the fam its importance just a nasty moment that again. this is great. it was all about coming home. cork airport. this was also that the league who had the afternoon flight to krakow in poland was all it was very happy polish people on their way home for the holiday. and i can do no
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mighty funny then. my dad has been set. i thanked the balancing them yes meets a typical season of the oh my god i can't wait to get the night eating. i come. on the line at shannon airport more chilling scenes as close to the people of the day riding home all day from near and far for the all important christmas season the day ryan as he signed a very happy people coming and going out i suppose that's what it's all about welcoming home our immigrants and also those that still isn't it that i didn't say goodbye to dan for a week or two at the airport to our seats i saying that they're hopeful tomorrow notwithstanding the weather warnings of which will be hearing about that they would get everybody home in time both here and other airports in plenty of time before santa claus makes the techniques my night so fingers and toes crossed
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the body representing over if i wasn't shocked and said sales for december have been make sure fire beat an excellent science and the bad weather along with my tea problems but some banks have dampened sales of christmas day approaches. quite often a difficult so we're cooking it's better to be fine today at the deep the last topped the start of the christmas shopping. so what was on their list. softwares hands the officer but that does something have plenty of sitting in. government's own clothes. what chutzpah people thought this was about to kill built to spill the blood at the moment. as usual the image of trading tool for the festive period. he tells me wants to play goals in the retail sector. what's difficult is that her body shop and trends for sure at this stage got a total
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evidence suggests that failed and the tech sector are well on previous years was told to receive five weather has hit sales before where i can close the beginning of the more tools include one for shops were presented what he sees sales began to snow day in recent weeks the bad weather and technological banks didn't help. the basic reason for me said this is the most important one is the most important is the most important few days of exams and then they will make or break a lot of businesses. never surrendered wednesday are generally positive. he says that there will be presented a mixed picture and sound to it serves its net profit and sales. so what's more the people keen spending should spend its whole run this post two thousand then everything ending. mike said that was the mike. instead i went over it the deafness for those with money still to spend shops will be open tomorrow condiment or tv news
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when it opens or just use these for old dual canadian police beat but as witness to forty percent increase in demand that some of the services in the past six months. the carrot the little flower in the ten years has received no pay cash the funding for the expansion has appealed to the to help st catherine's catholic parish of the organization linking class. many dinners christmas party and government that protects one hundred and forty people some pain some not bringing in the season. i am today. i mean it. a lever that this isn't a one day wonder. at lunchtime every weekday the charity's two dining rooms are full of attracting guests from around the city and for them to you. many of them are living a little late getting this saturday. on the lawn near the home i said
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ok. it's his turn. when it comes to and from the mccann are asked. so g licences of all i can understand the streetcars more more tea to calm the. please get something from the homeless agencies for all the ponds but now that funding has tied up so clearly this isn't something to my feeds off it went on to each child's prayer meeting. some leaves i'm hard at it. yes i know often times his identity at this table to sit with the storm. the grid. in july people think. mr dutton said
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students is this. like this portland. did you enjoy the party looking like it. a good look good. judges like it. well he gets elected beatrice saw this shot sheesh even know who. jordan so archie news the street dog differences are still racing in top of the fallen across the rest of the country in the past year. the latest monthly residential price index shows a nationwide rise of five point six percent in the town from the end of november prices and dublin were up nearly fourteen percent in annual basis prices at a time to time and now i just overheard one perfectly focused and with a friend for more on all of this tiny book icon as these figures are they don't give us at the full picture were still some whale and functional. as americans what you're saying is in the long terms probably all of them afloat and i'm just
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not a huge amount of supply at the moment there's no cure no construction happening in terms of new residential units being built either has or apartments and you still see that there is quite a lot of non ticketed for family homes and that's reflected in these figures but ca success of hmong medicare would seem a special topic was increased and kill them and pull nationwide it excludes of them. prices still falling which sucks pretty much the opposite situation to sing and call them elsewhere with huge oversupply because of that that the building boom lover units in the wrong areas. but since he weighed on prices and saw it go. so those who are buying property who i think it's their profile which is part of the market to moan to such has been driven by cost buyers so that the pills residential property price index figures current health warning that they only reflect properties of all mortgages so you only really see how the market the months of not giving you the full picture of us the cost be looking at some people who were the boxes boxes sold us it's up to picket the markers and sauce lightly on the sidelines and i'm looking
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to fight it out of that what they seem as being much more competitive prices. you also see this would've been reflected in the boat people might see in this department sp eye looking to target the purchases people for example when it comes to the uk for work. what do you consider the boy appropriate to read to hear what the testy with a view to returning home. us economic fortunes reflect on life's gonna take it. fire services across the country a warning people to be extra vigilant over the christmas period and be on the lookout for fire hazards. december is one of the worst most of the year for accidental fires in the home it's a busy time of year for dublin fire brigade and for fire services across the country. the festive celebrations green chilli and crumpled. they also bring the fire risks into the home christmas lights from a book decorations and unintended candles are all potential dangers. it is interesting but says most people and they won the three air around when those who never make sure to appeal to a standard in most of the steamer. it's been
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such a european style cafe safe to use the check them every year because it put away in the attic and jenny reduce tax debts with the wording in the us the ultimate riverside was alive again is also urging families this christmas to check their smoke alarms. it should be tested weekly and country should never be removed. it's good to vent about his body and pacific sun to those with the president is about to come together to take the box yes but to deal with the puffy operators and would not walk with us and people are also being reminded that they should switch off their christmas lights before they come to dance in the unfortunate event of the fire. the police is as always. guess that's stamps and cole knowing knowing knowing. cheney tells the fourteen youths the diaries of one of irish music. anemia is happening today. the very first time. i like white men with the composer musician and professor of music. in fact the comic court. the son of german immigrants were
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heavily influenced by a vehicle that teacher storytelling language. is this if you send me an sms that there are many german migrants the placement calmly came to cartesian seventy nine with half of the lifting of the turns crispy the mua and i think since there are right for the family has been employed in force at the center of the city's cultural and musical life of a nice studies picture of dad in nineteen thirty six but he was twenty six of those punishment was a celebration composer musician and professor of music at university college cork. ay ay ay. he gave me new things peel and quarter thanks to the people that call the company and good company the team on the tt tcc lies to police. teachers who teach peace deal. his main focus quite small and i think with
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this condition. the teachers high station of ottawa's his diaries office the a unique and very personal insight into the emergence of a musical icon. i mean the things that can set your intention to create change the two countries in the future when it settled to warrant a mention. you can see the very beginning and beginnings old and knew what was to be a huge and dedication to music and the major contribution to the contrary not only in court. i am. digitization project hopes to share a rich musical heritage that the general something that puts her to meet these demands pool and enrich music across this season. so much to teach or to use color
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it's a well worn phrase this time of year with the slogan that all is for life puzzles for christmas remains relevant each year thousands of pets without them and mistreated. his owners haven't fully consider the costs of the time associate with only a nominal a tear for its christmas and its ten day old terrier cross and her brother is where the spending is the dots both home. their mother was to treat it still comes up after them. instead there by the fact that the three hours like than one hundred and fifty dogs here in the smelting homes. this time of year the trc house to take extra care re homing. to prevent them ending up on unwanted christmas presents eric and i say hair that didn't jump up the bbq will be broken for space in fifty years to be social animals so they want to be assigned a number one in an ef two from the main mover and people don't want it. that part of leadership and perhaps soon
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to tell police that isn't boring than its thirty five years since councils coined the phrase a tapas for tonight not stills for christmas and it still as relevant as ever. from january to end the days when the team here with this unique sense of fifty phone calls from owners who say they can come faster and don't want their dogs anymore but sending help. here is that it was and he dealt with wanting to sew and create a fairy. for people take to help look after their jokes perhaps bill walker is toby keith care. often people that have had a lovely friend or family aaron need for an even that might help. the crafty until cream you know there is flannel councils to operate an anti euthanasia policy. so some could be here and on time. but just because they don't have a home doesn't mean they won't get presents shower until button or tv news. that is what you see the repeat his life with images of a festive decorations were of
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the country. i stood with us and rickety. if you love them the eye. a man the hero. but the party inside the city is on to that of the inaugural run. though. it's the beginning. it is nice wounds. he knew that i saying. i knew. zouk. i honor
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the server program. it's especially good things trying to achieve is to get a suite of scientific instruments. all abortions for this mobile platforms jor el and the scientific spirit the soul rover old curiosity. actually it's the most complicated most complex and most capable system ever put on the surface of another plant effect it might be the most complex interplanetary
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explorer that we've ever developed. there are literally tens of thousands of parts. in order to do. due to launch operation cruise tomorrow. the descent lending operation actually operate we feel confident that we've done everything and everything goes the way we've decided that we planned to meet built and tested it out we should be on the surface safely in the team will be cherished. it was appointed to head in this. i thought she is the first arab living in israel retains its position and among only a handful and elites. dr study is also a phd in next to me it's cheap at only ten percent efficient. she's currently offering a chapter in a prestigious book a nephew. dr study has twice broken the proverbial glass
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ceiling. one time the kitchen. a party to be ahead of the department the proof of trade the stock to be in the early morning mist. this site you might expect to see him in nature reserve. this is it to the military training site in gemini. he ripped a graph with a training area in bavaria. there is an abundance of wildlife military training sites which are often protected and many nato member states are serving as identify a deficit the military training areas throughout europe and north america are among the richest and most important sites will find that their city. often because they help that it's not open to the general . but also because environmental awareness and why spectacle use of natural resources is encouraged among soldiers military training areas are increasingly recognized as sites of hype by a diversity
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large numbers of threatened and endangered species exports from india its beans and nine. listen to it in voyeur into putting it into a pleasant day. the usc is banned the import of indian spices contributed sixteen points to the door to export that your flight with bikes i know that nine percent annually and maybe share each week six but since it's sunday a baby on the menu she jumped on singapore and the uk i don't need to destinations for beginning sports it is that the european union to open them on. it's commendable that the ongoing suffering debt crisis and hold great sports despite these problems from the outside the european union remains a very attractive club to join several countries are queueing up become the state's techie palsy and herzegovina serbia and
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montenegro the eu remains committed to a partnership with each one of them. i also let him eat. it's not going i am. salvation is i'm going to the show. the other top stories that fact that for you on monday the twenty third of december. i love the parties set to form


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